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Bag Free Day

  November 8th, 2019

St. Anne’s Convent School observes one day in a week as ‘Bag Free Day’, a day where students do not carry their bags or books to school. The schedule of the day remains the same and is designed to encourage creative thinking and enhances the learning experience among children. Various activities are conducted through interactive exercises, practical experiments, tests/quizzes etc.

On 8th November 2019 the following activities were conducted:

  1. Gender sensitivity activity – Volley ball match with teams consisting of both boys and girls for Classes XI & XII
  2. PISA Activity for Classes VII to X
  3. Computer Lab Activity ( Webpage designing) for Classes VI & VIII
  4. Mathematics Lab Activity for Classes VI to IX
  5. Poster Making on Fit Mind, Fit Body and Fit Environment for Classes VI & VII
  6. Poem Recitation, Drawing Competition, Exercise & Movies for Classes I &II
  7. Cultural Activities for Classes LKG to IV
  8. House Meetings Classes VI to XII
  9. Bio-Chemistry workshop
  10. Martial Art Activity
  11. A Visit to SD College science lab for bioinformatics Classes XI & XII (medical students).

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