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Teacher Training-2020-2021

May 2020

S.No. COE Ref.Id Participant Name Designation
Title of Programme: Understanding Bullying Schedule: 16/05/2020:14:30-16/05/2020:15:30 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
1 Chandigarh F0801885 Babita Gupta PGT
2 Chandigarh F0801885 Hannah TGT
Title of Programme: Ethics Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development Schedule: 17/05/2020:16:30-17/05/2020:17:30 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
3 Chandigarh F1201686 Hannah TGT
Title of Programme: Teaching Strategies Methodologies in English (Listening) Schedule: 17/05/2020:17:30-17/05/2020:18:30 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
4 Chandigarh F1301860 Babita Gupta PGT
5 Chandigarh F1301752 Neelma Jasmine Krishan TGT
Title of Programme: PYTHON-PEDAGOGICAL CREATIVITY UNPLUGGED IN PYTHON Schedule: 21/05/2020:09:00-21/05/2020:10:00 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
6 Delhi East F1802296 Hannah TGT
7 Delhi East F1802296 Sneh Lata TGT
Title of Programme: Stress Management-Sources of Stress and its responses Schedule: 31/05/2020:14:00-31/05/2020:15:00 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
8 Delhi East F45700048723 Hannah Augusta TGT
9 Delhi East F45700048810 Priti Chawla TGT
Title of Programme: Classroom Mangement-Dealing with Misbehavior in Classrooms Schedule: 31/05/2020:16:00-31/05/2020:17:00 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
10 Delhi East F45200048821 Hannah Augusta TGT
11 Delhi East F45200048821 Sneh Lata TGT
Title of Programme: Enhancing life skills- Decision Making Schedule: 18/05/2020:14:00-18/05/2020:15:00 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
12 Guwahati F1701884 Babita Gupta PGT
13 Guwahati F1701884 Hannah TGT
Title of Programme: Critical Thinking Schedule: 21/05/2020:14:00-21/05/2020:15:00 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
14 Training Headquarters F0101761 Hannah TGT
Title of Programme: Stress Management Technique Schedule: 24/05/2020:10:00-24/05/2020:11:00 Venue: Venue:Online Session, Internet
15 Training Headquarters F0201882 Babita Gupta PGT
16 Training Headquarters F0201882 Neelma Jasmine Krishan TGT