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Student Login Online Fee Payment

Fee Rules

  1. Tuition Fees are payable for twelve months and to be paid in 5 installments.
  2. Fees once paid are not refundable
  3. The fees will be collected through the Catholic Syrian Bank, SCO 114-115, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh at the exclusive fee counter.
    Timings: 10 AM TO 2 PM & 2.30 PM to 4 PM on working days.
  4. Parents can now pay the fee of their wards online via school mobile app and student Login. This is an Endeavour to encourage cashless transaction and to save valuable time otherwise spend in visiting the bank.
  5. The fee with a late fee of Rs. 50.00 per installment (inclusive of the installment month) will be accepted only from 22nd to 25th of the respective installment months.
  6. Parents are requested to make the payments in cheques as far as possible.
  7. Each pay in slip should be accompanied by separate cheques payable through Chandigarh clearing with student Admission number and phone number noted on the back side of the cheque. In case of cheque returned, return charges will be charged extra.
  8. Incomplete pay/deposit forms will not be accepted by the Bank.
  9. Parents may open their accounts with the Bank and give standing instructions for payment of the Fees.
  10. Should you fail to deposit the fees between the 1st and 10th of the installment month, you may deposit the same between 22nd and 25th of the same month with late fee 50.00 per installments per month. (including the installment month).
  11. Bank has no authority to waive off fine and accept the fees after the due date.
  12. Payment of fees in lump sum will also be accepted with a discount of 100 and to be remitted in April.
  13. Fees details can be viewed & online payment by the students through  this link : http://iscuela.com/erp/parent/