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Transport Safety/Security

  1. GPRS facility is available in all buses. Speed governors in all buses.
  2. The School has specially purchased an Alcohol Meter. Regular testing of bus staff takes place and is recorded. A zero
    tolerance policy to alcohol consumption is in place.
  3. Students taking half day and/or not availing the bus service for the day need special permission for the same.
  4. Police verification of all School Personnel
  5. Police verification of staff including the Principal is almost complete.
  6. Installation of CCTV cameras
  7. CCTV cameras have been installed and constant checks are made to ensure their proper working Camera recordings are
    monitored regularly by the school authorities.
  8. Entry into the school premises must be in compliance with security norms.
  9. Entry of persons/vehicles is recorded at the school gates by the security agency guards.
  10. Entry not given to any vehicle without the permission /proper verification.
  11. Entry to the school building strictly restricted and guarded.
  12. Efficient communication system in place between the school reception and the school gate guards on duty.
  13. All visitors are required to fill in the “VISITORS REGISTER”.
  14. Wearing of I – Card is mandatory for all the students
  15. Strict protocol to ensure that the drivers, attendants and other support staff are not given unrestricted access tothe
    school building during school hours.
  16. Drivers, bus attendants are not allowed unrestricted movement in the school premises.
  17. Specific areas for the above mentioned persons have been designated
  18. Female sweepers/attendants to be assigned to the Primary Block.
  19. Well trained female attendants are assigned duties in the primary wing.
  20. Special uniforms to facilitate easy identification have been provided to the attendants.
  21. Proper built boundary walls and infrastructure.
  22. The school is adequately gated and secured with the help of a boundary wall.
  23. CCTV cameras are in place and repair of the same are carried out at regular intervals.
  24. School audit for fire safety is conducted regularly.
  25. School is regularly checked for safety of the building and the certification for the same is in place.
  26. Restrictions regarding the usage of toilets.
  27. Washrooms renovated and updated with modern amenities have been provided for the students at every floor of the school
  28. Notices have been put for the usage of these only by the students.
  29. Separate toilets have been provided for the teaching staff, administrative staff members, female attendants,Grade D
  30. All washrooms are regularly checked and inspected by the designated staff members.
  31. The administrative staff takes periodic rounds of the wash rooms, lunch areas, classrooms and open spaces during and
    after school hours.
  32. Sensitization about the safety and security of children.
  33. Specially trained personnel have been assigned the task of periodical orientation and counseling of the drivers,bus
    attendants, peons, gardeners, watchmen and other support staff.
  34. Training of support staff and drivers are conducted.
  35. The Dental and eye- checkup of the bus personnel is conducted regularly.
  36. A Life skills programme is in place to educate our children and the students too are sensitized through the multimedia
    programmes about the concepts of ‘good touch & bad touch’
  37. Consultative processes with the parents and children.
  38. Each academic year the parents are oriented about the safety and security measures for their wards.
  39. Constant interaction and counseling sessions held by the school counselors. Student suggestion boxes are situated all
    over the school.
  40. Child Safety and Protection Committee.
  41. Students Grievances Redressal Forum.
  42. Parent-Teacher-Student Committee.
  43. Bus Committee