Special Educator

Special Educator

CBSE has specific Guidelines of Inclusive Education of Children to ensure that no child with special needs is denied admission in Mainstream Education and toprovide support through assistive devices and the availability of trained teachers and to modify the existing physical infrastructure and teachingmethodologies to meet the needs of all children including Children with Special Needs.

In adherence with this our school has a Special Educator who take care of bringing the children with special needs to the class standard.

This mainly includes children with learning disabilities who exhibit erratic learning patterns, individuals who seem to be able to do some things quite well while strugglingdramatically to perform other tasks. This mismatch between ability, expectations and outcomes can cause terrific disappointment and upset, resulting in a cascade of emotions and behaviours that can interfere with everyday functioning in school, at home and in the community.

Who needs intervention of Special Educator?

A child needs the help of special educator, if he or she has learning difficulties or disabilities that make it difficult for him or her to learn than most other children of approximately the same age. Special Educator’s needs indicate that the child may have learning difficulties

  • In acquiring basic skills in school
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Making friends or relating to adults or behaving properly in school
  • Specific learning difficulty – with reading, writing, number work or understanding information
  • Sensory or physical needs – such as hearing or visual impairment, which might affect them in school
  • Communication problems – in expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying
  • Medical or health conditions – which may slow down a child’s progress and/or involves treatment that affects his or her education.

Our special educator uses various techniques to promote learning.