Recommendation to Parents

Recommendation to Parents

1.    Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct should be inculcated as well as cleanliness of dress and person.

2.    When communicating with the Principal, parents or guardians are requested to mention in their letter, the name. class and section of their wards.

3.    Parents, guardian or other interested persons are strictly forbidden to see their wards or interview their teachers during school hours without the sanction of the Principal.

4.    As the medium of instruction in this school is English. the children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.

5.    Support the work of the school particularly by enforcing regularity and discipline and by evincing interest in your child's progress and by extending full co-operation by participating in school activities.

6.    Encourage your child to make a time table for home study, recreation etc and prepare his/her things for school next day.

7.    Inculcate in your child the reading habit. Encourage him/her to read books.

8.    Parents are recommended to send their wards regularly to school before the exams so as to

ensure proper revision.

9.    Parents is are requested to take children away within 15 minutes after the school hours,

10.  In order to avoid the feeling of disparity among the students, parents are requested not to celebrate their ward's birthday lavishly in school, only toffees can be sent through their children.

11.  Parents, are requested to come to school decently dressed.

12.  Parents are requested to read regularly the teachers remarks given in the school diary. Failure to do this may put their ward to great inconvenience.

13.  Parents are requested to attend Parent-Teacher meeting regularly as per the dates given in the diary accompanied by their ward in school uniform.

14.  Our school has its website and the website link is Parents can view all the circulars, announcement of special holidays, school timings, exam/unit test date sheet and all important information. Parents can also view their child's profile by entering the students login and password given to them. They can download assignment, syllabus, result etc.