School Rules

School Rules

1.    It is obligatory that changes in residence/office address and telephone number be communicated in writing to the school office and E-Care Office for contact.

2.    The School does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by pupils while in the school. However, First Aid will be rendered immediately and injuries necessitating Hospital/OPD treatments attended to,without delay. If your child has serious ailment, it is mandatory to bring it to the notice of the Class

Teacher/Principal/Physical Education Teachers.

3.    Pupils are advised not to go for Private Tuition. STUDENTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM TAKING TUITIONS FROM THEIR SCHOOL TEACHERS. Parents are urged to encourage their children to do their daily work diligently and honestly and to pay utmost attention to their studies in the class room. Parents are requested to spend their valuable time with the child.


4.    Parents/Pupils (individually or collectively) are forbidden to give gifts to the teachers. Neither Party nor gift presentations by students or parents on birthdays of students or any such occasions are allowed.


5.    Collection of funds for whatever use is forbidden without prior permission of the Principal.


6.    Pupils are required to behave politely and avoid use of indecent language or action, injuries to the feelings of fellow students, teachers or others in the school. Any such behaviour indicative of hurting other caste or community will attract serious disciplinary action or even dismissal.


7.    No Student shall indulge in any of the following practices viz.,

a)    Spitting in and around school building

b)    Disfiguring, scribbling or otherwise damaging any school property.

c)    Smoking, gambling, use of drugs or intoxicants, rowdiness and rude behaviour, use of violence in any form, casteism and communalism, use of obscene language, causing hurt to the modesty of others, playing truant during class hours.


8.    Immediate exclusion and/or even rustication will follow if the continued presence of the defaulting students is damaging to the physical and moral well being of other students and of the school, or if the violation is punishable seriously at the board level, such as unfair practice at the examination.


9.    In the absence of the teacher from the class room, pupils are required to observe silence and obey the Monitor of the class.


10.  Staying away from mandatory School Function, including Annual Day and Sports Day without prior permission and/or justification will be considered as a discipline default.


11.  English is the Medium of instruction in school, hence all students must speak in English even in their private conversation in school to gain confidence and proficiency in the language.


12.  A student involved in any incident even outside the school which brings discredit to the institution either because of unpleasant nature or inviting criminal or legal action by police or the court will be dismissed from school without further enquiry.


13.  Every pupil must possess a copy of the school diary which should be brought to the school every day.Apart from entering legibly the name and other personal data, pupil should write the homework in it. A student is required to keep his/her books and notebooks neat and covered.


14.  Pupils should not bring valuables or money to school. They are also not allowed to bring magazines, pictures, slam books, toys, cassettes, cds, cameras, mobile phones. laptop. tab. pen drives, memory card etc. and if any student is caught with such things, even during the functions and special events, they will not be returned.


15.  Pupils are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives, harmful instruments and other dangerous materials to School


16.  Every student should take care of school property; intended or neglectful damage to school property is aserious breach of school discipline and will have to be repaired by the defaulting students.


17.  Students will remain at home when they are sick. Once they come to school, they will remain for the entire school hours. This rule applies even during the time of examination.


18.  No student should borrow /lend money or sell articles in the school.


19.  No books, eatables or any other material from outside school will be passed on to students during school hours.


20.  The Principal will interview parents on each school day at fixed hour. Interview outside the regular time for such will be by appointment.


21.  All children should come to school clean and tidy in their school uniform. All are obliged to wear the uniform under the penalty of expulsion from the class.


22.  Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. If a student is absent on account of illness or any other valid reason the Principal should be informed about it immediately by a leave application from the parents/guardian of the child.


23.  If a student continues to be absent without a leave note for more than ten working days in succession his/her name will be struck off from the register. Students are expected to attend school on the first day of the re-opening of the school.


24.  All should be particularly careful not to throw paper or rubbish anywhere in the school premises. They should use the bins especially provided for the purpose.


25.  Running, playing or shouting inside the school building and the verandas is never allowed.


26.  All students are expected to be in the school by 7:50a.m. during the summer and 8:10a.m. in the winter. Those who reach before the bell should remain in the class rooms and study silently. Late comers will not be permitted to attend the school.


27.  No child can leave the school premises during school hours except with the written permission of the Principal.


28.  It is compulsory for the students of classes I-X to complete 90% of their attendance and students of class XI & XII to complete 75% of their attendance in a year to make them eligible for promotion to the next class.


29.  Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattention to school work, obstinacy in word and deed, wilful and repeated breach of school regulations are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the student.


30.  The school declines all responsibility if through failure to produce a letter or reasons for absence or delay, a student is obliged to return home during school hours.


31.  Students should address their teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness. On their way to and from the school, they are expected to behave in a gentle manner.


32.  Students should not apply mehndi on their hands on any occasion. They should not bring expensive

things to school as school will not be held responsible if they lose them.


33.  The interpretation of any rules of the school as well as any amendments to its rules solely and entirely is with the governing body of the school. This shall be final and binding on parents/guardian and in no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of their decisions.