Safety of Child in School

Safety of Child in School

“Our children are most precious to us”

The security and safety of our school students is of paramount importance to us. At St. Anne’s Convent School, we believe in being a step ahead. We have always had in place a well thought of and planned system of checks and balances for the security and safety of our children. These are upgraded and improved at regular intervals. You will find them listed below. As you are aware sundry advisories are also being received on a daily basis regarding new precautions to be implemented. The school is making every effort to comply at the earliest. The good news is that most of it is already in place! Some of the precautions will require your close and patient cooperation, but we are confident that as caring parents, you will partner us cheerfully in this endeavor to keep your children safe, no matter how great the inconvenience faced.

PLEASE NOTE: A Formal Child Protection Policy has been in place since 2012 and is designed to generate a child friendly environment in the school. The following are some important points which have been drafted, keeping in mind the guidelines by UT Chandigarh (Office of the District Education Officer) and the CBSE Advisories.


Safety and security of students from the time of arrival till they leave the school premises.

  • Teachers escort the students to their classes.
  • A head count of students is done regularly in the junior classes.
  • Absentee Performa filled.
  • SMS sent to the parents of absentees.
  • Mobiles are banned for the students.
  • A Doctor is stationed in the office to attend to any emergency.
  • Special care is taken of the students who are allergic or diabetic or having any other health issues.
  • During Dengue/Swine flu season we instruct our students to wear full sleeves and long trousers especially in junior school.
  • Surprise checks of students’ bags are done by authorized people.
  • PTI’s are on duty at the time when sport academies are on before and after school hours.
  • A buddy system is in place for the school students while visiting the washroom.
  • No student will leave the classroom to go alone to the washroom.
  • There is one attendant per washroom at all times in the junior wing.
  • Maids and support staff accompany the junior school outdoor trips.
  • Strict segregation of areas during break time for children and staff on duty.
  • No vendors are allowed onto the premises during school hours. Teachers to strictly adhere to the “No Meeting” policy during the school hours.
  • Teachers do not leave before the departure of the buses.
  • Teachers have been allotted duties to monitor traffic in the morning as well as breaks to ensure that the children are under supervision.
  • Students going home late are seated and supervised at a designated area allotted to them.
  • Phone facility made available to the students for contacting parents.